Friday, 31 March 2023

Face to Face

My life is an open book

Known to all

The telltale tales 

The turbulent troubles

The constricting constrains

The depleting weaknesses

The fleeting revelries

The prolonged aloneness 

 But have anyone ever read

 My silences ?

 Beneath a carpet of dying ashes 

The still smouldering cinders ?

The untimely


Merciless, shameless


Hurtling all barriers  


Crashing, tumbling

Torrents of downpour ?

The one and only

Rooted witness

Yet silently spectating 

My ruinous collapse

On drenched cheeks

The scorched streaks 

My bosom foe 

The pricking, embellishing angst

No......don't waste thy mercy 

I am not yet legit 

Let only be there the sobbing



Dousing deluge 

मेरी ज़िन्दगी खुली किताब है                        

सब जानते हैं                                                

मेरी कहानियां                                              

मेरी परेशानियां                                             

मेरी मजबूरियां                                              

मेरी कमज़ोरियाँ                                            

मेरी क्षणभंगुर खुशियां                                    

मेरी चिरंतन तन्हाइयाँ                                    

पर क्या कोई पढ़ पाया                                    

मेरी खामोशियाँ ?                                           

ठंडी रांखों के कालीन के नीचे दबी                  

धधकती चिंगारियां ?                                       

बेवक़्त ही सही                                                

बेवजह ही सही                                               

बेरहम , बेशर्म सी                                            

हर सीमा को लांघती                                        

हर बाँध को तोड़ती                                          


उमड़ती पानियाँ ?                                            

वही तो है इकलौती                                          

चश्मदीद गवाह                                                

एक मात्र पर चुप्पी साधे                                    

घूरती  मेरी बरबादियाँ                                       

गीले गालों पर सूखे                                           

दागों की  निशानियां                                         

वही तो है मेरी जिगरी दुश्मन                              

मेरी खलिश मेरी रानाइयाँ                                 

करो न मुझपे मेहरबानियां                                 

न हूँ मैं इस क़ाबिल                                           

सिर्फ सिसकने दो                                             

सुलगने दो                                                       

यह बेमौसम की                                                


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Friday, 24 March 2023

The Patchwork Quilt

Note : The concrete image version is for laptop readers

this moonless night

casting all shadows away

a shaft of light

I raise a toast to 

if you ask me

she is really adept at layering                   the parlour girl


m      a       s      k      a     r      a

blue       eye      shadow

                                             deepening the darker circles

underneath my dreams

yet                    i                   am                    swathed                    in                       light
         blinded          till                  i                                 fancy              a                cesspool

                        pulling                          me                                                     in

dark                                 dark                darker                                               lightest

          light              light                                   lighter                      darkest 
                     dark                                                         darker


                the patchwork quilt

                                                 i fold myself in


                                                                                     p  r  i  c  k  i  n  g

                                                                                     p a g i n g 


tell me                            where is the light i bathe in ?

tell me                                                                            where is the darkness i creep in ?

PS: I realized from Jim's comment that smartphone readers will find it difficult to read this poem where I have tried to create concrete images of patchwork with words. So for those who read on smartphone, here it is a "normal" version

this moonless night
casting all shadows away
a shaft of light
I raise a toast to 
if you ask me
she is really adept at layering                   the parlour girl
blue eye shadow
deepening the darker circles
underneath my dreams
yet i  am  swathed in  light
blinded  till  i  fancy  a  cesspool
pulling me in
dark...... light ......dark........light                               
darling                    the patchwork quilt
i fold myself in                    
past  pricking present paging past
tell me                            where is the light i bathe in ?
tell me                            where is the darkness i creep in ?


Thursday, 16 March 2023


rejection note
how sweet of her 
to apologize

Nothing new. 

Am  used to it. 

Stoic I call myself. 

sky watch
if only my sighs could
disperse the clouds

But this time her 'sorry' pierced. 

The headaches returned too.

I have meandered 


the city rises                             hollow



              in my eyes                   
                                      greying the sky


feather light

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Friday, 10 March 2023

O Ye Wildflowers....Will You Let Me Be Like You

I have often trampled you under my feet
Like others have done to my dreams
Ignored your ever smiling visage
Pulled a face at your wild ways
How you grow unintended without a care in the world
Even plucked you brutally out of my way
And you not even winced once
Cried out in pain or spilled a tear or two
I have disgraced you more than often
Dispelled you from my comfort zone
Called you a burden on this Earth
Growing, grooving, happily dancing where you should not
I have never wanted you, understood you or cared for you
Never have I given a thought what will happen to you if I don't tend or care for you
Will you forgive me despicable ways
O ye wildflowers!!!
Whatever I have done cannot be now undone
I have wronged, I have sinned, I have weeded you out of my life
Not realising you are me and I am you
Forever the uprooted, the distanced, the unwanted
O ye wildflowers if you'd once bared your soul to me
I would have recognised those scars, those charred wounds, those desperations under the guise of Bohemian delight

Give me a chance to make amends please
O ye queen of wilderness
Let me be you one more time
Let me live life on my own terms
Without explaining others
Why was I born when I was not meant to be

Friday, 10 February 2023

Recipe Of Love

Day breaks

With a steaming cuppa tea

No sweet please...only dairy whitener

No milk either

Sweetness does not go with 

Crackling of dreams

Mid morning 

A cup of coffee with milk again no sugar

Sometimes it's too strong

I tell him to make it a frothy one

With just a sprinkle of coffee powder

On the creamy layer of froth


Twice a week a bowl of starchy corn soup

"You should not be drinking this", friend says

Still I do

Though it does not go with the

The warmth of a dry curry with lentils

And bread (we call it roti) and a bowl of boiled rice

Destarched ....snowy white


My craving for something sweet is satiated

By my room mate

He offers me churme ki laddu

Made by his ma-in-law

With lots of love and care

Divinely delicious dissolving inside the mouth

Like a star de-moulding in a black hole 

Mid afternoon

Again a cup of coffee

To make me realize am still alive

This time ti's rather drab

The maker is tired by the rut


Again a cuppa tea just like morning


Simple -- left overs of the day

That's the way it is

From breaking  till remaking of dreams

To forget during the gruels of the day

We feed ourselves the recipes of love

Not exotic nor exorbitant nor exhilarating 

Had it been so we would not have doodled an irresistible garnish

Or perhaps taken our last breath 

Turning and tossing in oblivion

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Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Night Cape

In the womb of night
We whisper soft lies
To our beloved ones
To make them believe
In this make believe world
Of stars sequined on Earth
And moon's conquest of the sky
A Cinderella tale of fairies and wands
As fickle as the seasons 
As free-willed as dunes of sand
Breezes that blow of wants and angst
Shall whip away in no time
The princess of no-land
Then whom shall we whisper
Those unabashed lies
Of stars spreadeagled on Earth
And skyless moon maligned

Saturday, 21 January 2023

The Visitors

I watch all day long
Crows and squirrels
Prancing up and down
The Champa* tree
I wish I could grow lighter feet
To cuddle the clouds
Touch the top of the trees
Flap wings across the sky
The visitors to my garden
Teach me to aspire
Beyond the limits of
My earthy skills and
Narrow domain of
Mundane worries
And cheap, unexciting thrills

Champa :Magnolia Champaka or Champak Tree