Wednesday, 13 January 2016


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I remember it was a week day
Boarding the bus on a busy road
Was suddenly accosted by this
Vagabond of a man 
Not exactly in tatters, for sure
But had a glassy look about him
Rumpled hair and dry mouth
Reddish in colour, quaint manners...

I shrank as he extended 
A dirt striped hand
And mumbled something like
"Didi! give me a tenner please
Haven't eaten a morsel 
Whole day long"

Spontaneity had the better of me
As I handed him the note
He vamoosed as though he was never there!

The man next to me grinned derisively
"Made a fool of you! He's a dopey... you see"

We share the day with each other
And everyday invariably 
They leave the table littered with 
Sparsely eaten plates 
I tell them, "Its a waste! 
Recall those who do not have enough
Children of forgetful Gods..
They belong to this Earth
As you and I do"

They have stopped sharing the table with me
And call me names
Behind my back, of course!
I overheard one of them, the other day...

I shun them as well

It doesn't hurt anymore
The feeling is mutual 
As usual...

Note : "Didi" is an address for elder sister

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Thursday, 7 January 2016


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In the mystique folds of Life
I have found YOU
In serendipitous moments
Of self discovery
And realized with awe
That I am not the Only One
Who has wept blood
And bled tears

In your loving embrace
I have found solace
And in bliss of ignorance
Named it a Miracle
That I am still alive!!

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Tote Bag

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tote bag
rests in peace within
my memoire