Sunday, 17 April 2011


It was not a bright morning
The clouds seemed to hover around
Dark, stooping, frowning
Throttling sun’s gaiety
Blotting warmth with thousand
Rasping breath
They bore down heavily on earth

The afternoon was interplay of
Shadow and light
It drizzled a little all of a sudden
And then stopped whimsically
Enveloping the trees with
Claustrophobic suspense

It was an early evening as Sun
Went home westward a little too fast
Without pausing or looking back
The moon covered its face
Under the coverlet of dusk
Tossed and turned before falling asleep
The stars went romping around to
An unknown land

I sailed out umbrella in hand
For my evening walk
The paths were slippery
Puddles and pools dotted abound
Carefully skirting the hurdles
I picked up speed
Inhaling deeply the rainy wafts of soil
O’ what bliss!

Now its night pitch black
Plok! Plop! I hear the flopping
Noise of the droplets
Slithering off the palms
Of the exhausted fronds and leaves
A heady fragrance hugs the breeze
Some nameless bloom
Woken up in the lap of darkness

As I sit in front of my big window
I wonder whether it will
Rain pell mell after a while
Drenching, drowning creation
In a frenzied downpour
Quenching thirst, want
Desires unleashed
Will it melt the sky?
Into cascades of torrent
In the arms of the earth
Uninhibited, unbridled, impassioned
Will it whisper into night’ ears
Songs unsung, tales untold, poems unheard
May be or perhaps not
But I shall wait just next to my window
Endlessly till the dewy dawn
To witness the earth and sky
Be one in divine embrace