Saturday, 29 August 2015

Vagrant Shades

Its good that you know me not
Far apart shall echo muted pain
In intimacy, a hesitant blush
Deep, in the rush of spring 
The surge of shades million
Paint the breeze melodious  
Fragrant, the jewels be cherished
In dreams of a perfect mating
Glimpsed have I the  
Tempest reigned in unkempt
Locks, the bohemian jazz of 
Unchecked hush of whispers 
Loud and the unsaid stays 
Embedded in my flute tuned
To sing your songs unwritten yet
Its good that you know me not

(Inspired by this wonderful song by Tagore which can never be told in any other way....)

Monday, 24 August 2015

बरसते गीत

रिमझिम के गीतों में 
नवल किशोरी के चरण 
कोमल का बाँकपन
सुबह की लालिमाओं पर 
घूँघट घटाओं की 
दोपहर की आस्तीन पर   
बादलों का आलिंगन 
और साँझ के सूरजमुखी को 
पावस का सहर्ष नमन 
धुँए की लकीरों में 
कल के बुनते शुभ स्वप्न 
घनघोर हो, ज़ोर शोर हो   
चीर ऐसे बरसे गगन        
झन्झाओं के उन्माद में   
कालिमा रात की घुल जाए    

(My sincere thanks to Amitji for value-adding to this post in his own inimitable way)

Monday, 17 August 2015


Where there is no hope
I trudge along purposefully
Where there is no light
I glide through with confidence
Where there is no dream
I slink in deep slumber
Where there is no beginning
I look for the black hole

Perhaps I am the fool
Who beguiles treachery
I am no angel, I know
Yet I wish I had a magic wand
To sweep off the grudge
of trickling sands
And throw a challenge
To the Divine Lord
Oh Father!  fear you may not
I shall overcome.....


Monday, 10 August 2015

One Little Wish

There’s one little dream
I wish was fulfilled
Before I close my lids
To the world

To see you by my side
Caressing a note of
Thousand echoes
Melting hearts

The moment’s truth
Blossoming in spring
Untimely though
A poor finish a frail start

Yet I wish yet I hope
Hand in hand
We walk with pride
Till my darling
Death do us apart

(Inspired by Gulzar Sahab's immortal poetry)

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Far And Near

(My Bangla Poem translated in English on Readers' Request)

Seen you a zillion times
In dreams far and near
At the bus stop, on the roadside,
While boarding the tram, in the
Crowded market place
Aloof, wrapped in your own world
And I in my lazy days, sleepy noon,
In soporific haze, in dawn's early rays
With the chirp of the birds
Woken up in a maze
Hunting for you
Did you hear me calling out your name?
Perhaps yes.....perhaps no.....


Silence beseeched
Why I wonder
Your lame excuses....preoccupation
In the corner of your eyes lay still
Sinful secrets of lusty stare and
The taste of burning breath
The answer was hidden....there

Another day...
In the humongous throng
Where bodies blur
Our song had gone astray
In the rush of blood
A distant wish had taken
The shape of an intimate muse
In a wave of guilt I had fled
From you....

Untouched innocence I am
Vile passion, venomous you
And a sacred quest in tainted hue
And those muddy kisses
Clenched in my fist
A sky clouded in rue

Are you mine?
Or a claim anonymous?
I know not, yet
When miles sweep away
The nearness of minds
Over oceans of time
I cross with faltering steps

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Of Wound & Pain

of the wounds lets not talk
they are old and dry
though they have left behind
ugly marks, yet they are mine
of the pain I have to say more
because that is what has made me
courage? No, not that
perhaps, the will to endure
and the zest to survive
lets talk about that a little more
you tell me how you've gathered
wit, when life took on the
thorny paths, I shall tell you
my tale of unexpected twists
and you shall pat my back...
"Bravo" spell the admiration
loud and clear, well that's what
motivates to move on, dear
not wounds nor pain, but
the odd realization , my friend!
that we have made it to the
end; that is what pulls on
from time to time
rest is just a long, dreary walk
down the memory lane