Thursday, 6 August 2015

Of Wound & Pain

of the wounds lets not talk
they are old and dry
though they have left behind
ugly marks, yet they are mine
of the pain I have to say more
because that is what has made me
courage? No, not that
perhaps, the will to endure
and the zest to survive
lets talk about that a little more
you tell me how you've gathered
wit, when life took on the
thorny paths, I shall tell you
my tale of unexpected twists
and you shall pat my back...
"Bravo" spell the admiration
loud and clear, well that's what
motivates to move on, dear
not wounds nor pain, but
the odd realization , my friend!
that we have made it to the
end; that is what pulls on
from time to time
rest is just a long, dreary walk
down the memory lane


  1. True. Pain is personal. Admiration can be motivational. Nice.

  2. Nice motivational poem. Yes, the will to endure gives the courage not the other way round.

  3. lovely lines... Cheers, Archana -

  4. Great lines with a great message :)

  5. 'that is what pulls on from time to time rest is just a long, dreary walk down the memory lane...' breathtakingly beautiful! Loved it!