Tuesday, 28 July 2015


(I never thought I would be doing this. With my fidgety Bangla, frail Hindi and indeterminate English, I am the fool who rushes in where angels fear to tread. Yet here I am with a bouquet of verses in Bangla, Hindi and English. The verses do not subscribe to any established norms. Neither are they haikus nor short poems. They are just thoughts and emotions weaved in succinct words erupting in a greater meaning. Almost like epiphany…What is seen is not what is transmitted and what is unsaid is actually being conveyed. There is also a marked absence of   supportive conjunctions. The verses are just words clustered together to present a bigger picture, a deeper intent and a subtler revelation. The translations are inexact … they are just bilingual conveyance of similar themes as equivocal syllabically as unequivocal in essence. Savour them as they are…………!)   


বেলা বারোটা
রাস্তায় যানজট
আমি একা !

Scorching noon
Thronging crowd
Lurks the loner 

भरी दोपहरी
ट्रैफ़िक जैम
तनहा हूँ मैँ 


রাত নিঃঝুম
ঘুম ভেঙ্গে যায়
পাশ ফিরে শুই

Dead of night
Startled out of dreams
I change sides

बीच रात
दु :स्वप्न से जाग
करवटें बदलूँ  


পুরোনো চাদর
ছেঁড়া কোনটা
রিফু করে নিই

Old bed sheet
Tattered and torn
Mended to perfection

फटी चादर
किससे  कहूँ
"रफ़ू  कर दे "  


অজানা শহর
ত্র্যস্ত পায়ে
ঠিকানা খুঁজি

Untamed path
Staggering steps
Stranger in the city

अजनबी शहर
सहमे कदम
रस्ते-रस्ते ढूंढे पता


বন্ধ দরজা
সভয়ে নাড়ী কড়া
কার মুখ দেখব?

 Trembling hand
 Knocks the door
Destination unknown

काँपते  हाथ खड़काएँ किवाड़
बंद दरवाज़ा
किस आँगन खुले


সাত সমুদ্র
পেরিয়ে দেখি, একি ?
পাস্পোর্ট বাতিল

Seven seas
Deep in my pocket
An expired passport

सात समुन्दर
जेब के अंदर
एक रद्द पासपोर्ट


ঘোমটার ফাঁকে
স্বপ্ন সে আঁকে
টেনে খুলে দিই

Beyond the veil
Dreams reside
Wrench open

सपनों का स्रोत
घूँघट की ओट
खोल दूँ


আমি বলি চাল
সে বলে ডাল
অমিলেই মিল

I say “Yes”
He says “No”
We agree to disagree

मैं बोलूँ हाँ
वो बोले ना
अनबन में मेल


জীবন যোয়ারে
গা ভাসিয়ে দিই
অসম্ভবের সন্ধানে

Reckless I dive
An inexpert swimmer
Hoping to stay afloat

तैराक नहीं
बीच भँवर, डूब सोचूं,
उस पार जाऊं तर

সমান্তরাল পথ
মিশবে কী শেষে
দূর দিগন্তের বুকে?

Parallel roads
I search in vain
The intersection

समन्तराल पथ
मैं खोजूँ व्यर्थ
एक मुश्त चौराहा
Foot Note :  Immensely grateful to Amitji (of http://amitaag.blogspot.in fame) for his
                 invaluable guidance towards  perfecting the Hindi verses   


  1. Absolutely wonderful free flowing poetry...so absorbing that metre doesn't matter!
    How I wish I was able to savour the Bangla ones too...I'm greedy...what a pity!

    1. Amitji, honoured to have you on this post and humbled by your priceless praise

  2. some induced a smile and other thoughts..... Wish could read them in Bangla also...... #ThankYouMorePlease

  3. wow.. that's wonderfully penned :-) and if Amitji guides, how can one not do a great job, isn't it? :-)
    cheers, Archana - www.drishti.co

  4. Yes, you are absolutely right. Very lucky to have Amitji's invaluable guidance

  5. Bangla tah....atuloniyo!!! Fabulous set.....