Friday, 24 August 2012

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay

Oh it was a sight
When the clouds had a fight
Tears flooded down
Brushing aside Earth’s frown
The sun scooted off
The trees visibly scoffed
The road bathed long
With a cup of tea strong
I watched the droplets dance
The day in a rainy trance
My window sill was wet
When I called upon my vet
He said “You wait! My dear,
The pup you ordered will be there
But it may take some time”
I said in a tone resigned,
“What’s the hurry doc, for life
Has its own timing set
Nothing happens before
Or nothing’s too late
When time is right & ripe
Everything falls in place
So let me enjoy this moment
As the wrathful sky vents
Tomorrow is another day
Sure everything’s gonna be okay”