Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Lost Purse

I rewrote this poem, don't know why....

The original is here:

While the rewritten one is below:

I crept slowly behind him
He sat at his study desk
By the big window
Deep in musing
A few pages askew on the table
A few lying supine on the ground
The sun streamed in
Like a golden flood
Washing the room
In splendour abound

I tiptoed into the middle of the room
Picked up the pages
Scented with his thoughts
Missives of love
I was amused
If he found me in the room
How would he react?
The recipient of the lovelorn lore
Standing just right behind!

But what was this?
As my eyes fell on the name
My dreams shattered
Against jagged rocks
As I turned the fish bowl crashed
On the ground
He turned back with a start
He looked at me for a few moments
And time stopped
The way it had done two years back

A sea kissed shore
A sprinkle of waves
We had waltzed wetting the helms
Of our clothes
My stilettos had given in
Doing a few quickened steps
The broken pair still lies somewhere
Wrapped in a foil of silver nest

I did not brush away the tears
Wetting my cheeks
I left a pile of quests unsought
My purse reclining on the sofa
I consider as property lost
Neither did I share my womb’s
Secret accredited to his Midas touch!
I just left……. without looking back
Because there was nothing more to say
The name on those letters, you see
Belonged to my best friend, Jesse!


On this wet night
With the moon hanging low
And the stars hidden behind
Billowing dark clouds
Hope seems like a stranger
Knocking on the doors
Of a wretched warrior

Eager I am to unmask the veil
And see for myself his scarred face
In the light of a flickering candle
Protected from the ghoulish winds
Just by the crook of a shaking palm

Let him come in weak and debilitated
Staggering on injured legs
Dripping blood
Oozing pain
At least he is not lost completely
In the labyrinth of life

He has sought his path
Into my heart
By a stroke of luck
His fluid entry
Is my light

Let him draw close
And embrace me tight
I have waited light years
For this torrid hug

At last...

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Joyful Little Bird

Autumn burns within me
As I feel the spring in his walk
A few gray strands mock me
The fine lines around my eyes
Smile benevolently  in return
The wrinkles on my hands
Indicate the years on this planet  Earth
I groan softly as I move
From one posture to the other
The pain in the joints poke me
In search of a comical interlude

Then there are many more
Hints covert as well as overt
Pointing a finger at the approaching winter
But I laugh in sheer pleasure of living
Life is just not sizzling in summer
Impaled in winter
Joyous spring and arduous autumn

Life is living beyond the seasons
Tells me a little bird
Every morn as I wake up to another day
She rocks the tender twigs of my plants
And shrieks in abundant glee
Isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it?


Friday, 22 February 2013

Danced The Moon All Night

The moon danced all night
Shaking her plumpy bum
The sky shimmered a smile
Skimmed out of pain
The stars looked alarmed
Distressed, bored
A few snored
The meteors sighed and remarked
"Oh! She's kinda hyper y' know sometimes"
"Love happens to just a few you morone"
The "moony-eyed" cried unfazed
A little glazed in the eyes
A little dazed in the head
"Love just a Tweet away..."
She crooned
"I wondered whether t' was Britney's latest
"Oh my love  on FB page...." she sang
An octave higher than the mighty Big Bang
Whatttt! I gawked in utter dismay
Even she has an FB profile...?
What the world's coming to these days!!!!!
Wee hours fellas the party stretched
And would have carried on longer
But a shake and a raucous alarm later
Sob...sob... a hasty goodbye I bade

Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Unseen

The silence of the night
The droplets of rain
Dripping from the leaves
The moon feels shy
Hides behind a cloud
A dog whines somewhere
At the end of the alley
A car passes by
Its headlights throwing
A weak patch of light
On the pitch dark roads
Long way to go till
The arrival of dawn
I sit in my lawn
Encircling a white bungalow
Now stilled in slumber
Everyone's gone to bed
Only I am alone, awake
A drape on a window
Shivers in the soft breeze
And an owl wails
Plaintively on the old, Peepal tree
I clutch the white shawl
And let my mane slide down
My fragile boned back
A song comes to mind
Heard ages ago
I hum with a smile
A bleak light burns
In the hut further down
By the running stream
I tread thither along
Somebody passes by
An old hunched man
Stooped on a stick
Chanting the holy name
I swoosh by like the
Flowing, whispering wind
On invisible wings
Leaving a thin trace
Of mist behind
A swish of silk
And the holy chant
Echo in the green
Valley beyond...