Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Lost Purse

I rewrote this poem, don't know why....

The original is here:

While the rewritten one is below:

I crept slowly behind him
He sat at his study desk
By the big window
Deep in musing
A few pages askew on the table
A few lying supine on the ground
The sun streamed in
Like a golden flood
Washing the room
In splendour abound

I tiptoed into the middle of the room
Picked up the pages
Scented with his thoughts
Missives of love
I was amused
If he found me in the room
How would he react?
The recipient of the lovelorn lore
Standing just right behind!

But what was this?
As my eyes fell on the name
My dreams shattered
Against jagged rocks
As I turned the fish bowl crashed
On the ground
He turned back with a start
He looked at me for a few moments
And time stopped
The way it had done two years back

A sea kissed shore
A sprinkle of waves
We had waltzed wetting the helms
Of our clothes
My stilettos had given in
Doing a few quickened steps
The broken pair still lies somewhere
Wrapped in a foil of silver nest

I did not brush away the tears
Wetting my cheeks
I left a pile of quests unsought
My purse reclining on the sofa
I consider as property lost
Neither did I share my womb’s
Secret accredited to his Midas touch!
I just left……. without looking back
Because there was nothing more to say
The name on those letters, you see
Belonged to my best friend, Jesse!


  1. How very painful! It's like a double stab. I read the earlier one as well and I liked this one more. It reminds me of 'Arth,' don't know why. May be the way you have set and presented the poem.

  2. Thanks Saru for this pleasant surprise

  3. The streak of sadness gently tears through painfully...
    Beautifully versed

    Would appreciate if you could get rid of word verification. Thank you.

  4. Churnings from the windmills of a beautiful mind...:-} Loved it...!!

  5. Thanks!! Panchali you've made my day!!!