Sunday, 10 March 2013

What If....?

He said, "Enough of this hullo-hi
on the passive page.
Let's meet now.
The Metro or McD?"

She silenced her thoughts
As the past came
haunting back
Another evening
Another rendezvous
Greedy eyes
Lustful smile
Yawning gaps
Between yellow teeth
And that slimy touch
Behind her back
Which made her jump
Sending a shiver down
Her shaking legs....
The bald patch
The sparse, gray mop
Had spoken enough
As she cringed with disgust
"Lets meet again"
He had said
She had inhaled a deep breath
Before dashing blindly
Towards the passing bus...

Today she shut off the
Plasma view
With equal haste
In apprehension and dread
What if history repeated itself?
What if....