Thursday, 17 April 2014


And then there were those unexpected moments of madness
When he suddenly pulled over by the dirt road
And emptied his tormented heart
Hiding his face in my lap
His tears soiling my shirt
While I sat stilled by his noisy sobs

He said he was sure we were bonded birth after birth
By an umbilical chord of love and longing
But I lack faith

Yet spend sleepless nights fearful that someday
I shall lose him to the crowd
Someday he shall walk out of my life
The way he had once walked in
Someday I shall stifle a sob by the dirt road
Which carries traces of his noisy sobs
In utter silence of reproach

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Warring Words

A hot scalding summer noon
The breeze burnt our cheeks
Scrubbing as though with smoked charcoal
As the loo gained speed
Inside a dashing car
We fought over a ten rupee note
Our ardour matched the heat outside
As the cacophony of raised voices
Reached the crescendo
We conveniently forgot
The frivolous excuse
Which had robbed us of our rationality
In the grip of an insane rage
We fought a daggerless dual
Of venomous words
Tearing each other apart
Bit by bit, layer by layer

When the evening burnt the skies to ashes
We chose a pregnant silence to speak for us
Seething in grave disdain, familiar in our contempt
We turned a little away from each other
And bit our lips disgruntled

Perhaps tomorrow or the day after
We'll look at each other sheepishly
And smile with quivering lips contritely even
But a deep gash has grazed the hearts
Which ripens each moment oozing blood
As red as the cherries iced on her B'day cake
Making me toss and turn on the bed
Hour after hour as the night owl derides
My smothered rants
She sleeps in another room fitfully
A slice of moon sneaking across her face
Where the tell-tale marks of dried tears
Leave a blazing trail on her age-worn cheeks