Saturday, 9 July 2011


As the somber clouds stoop low
On the countenance of the earth
Suffocating her benign breath
Almost engulfing her very existence
I pick up my pen
Not to discuss the impending rains
But the ordinary routine lives of thousands of men
Who toil every hour no less for survival
Than to nurture mediocre aspirations
Which give them purpose to push on
A little more than the rest
Who beguile life with their unimportant dreams
Like perhaps loosing a few pounds
Or passing an exam
Or more mundane insignificant things
I too am one of them
And today as I sit by my big window
I wish it pours like a mad squall
Brushing past my equally unambitious thoughts
Washing away all the drudgery of hard,
Sometimes half hearted work
The diffidence of not winning
The desperation of a battle
The defeat of an imbecile
The cry, the festering wound, the inchoate prattle
Every murk, every grime
Every bead of sweat
Every drop of moon beam
Each ray of sunshine
Let the rain deluge the earth
And its army of slogging men
Her doddering civilizations
Her dwindling fame
Let it merge in chaotic rhyme
Into the solemn symphony of endless game
Today just let it rain...