Friday, 22 February 2013

Danced The Moon All Night

The moon danced all night
Shaking her plumpy bum
The sky shimmered a smile
Skimmed out of pain
The stars looked alarmed
Distressed, bored
A few snored
The meteors sighed and remarked
"Oh! She's kinda hyper y' know sometimes"
"Love happens to just a few you morone"
The "moony-eyed" cried unfazed
A little glazed in the eyes
A little dazed in the head
"Love just a Tweet away..."
She crooned
"I wondered whether t' was Britney's latest
"Oh my love  on FB page...." she sang
An octave higher than the mighty Big Bang
Whatttt! I gawked in utter dismay
Even she has an FB profile...?
What the world's coming to these days!!!!!
Wee hours fellas the party stretched
And would have carried on longer
But a shake and a raucous alarm later
Sob...sob... a hasty goodbye I bade


  1. that's hilarious moon with a facebook account?

  2. Ha ha! Enjoyed reading ur poem! It was more like a song:)

    1. Thanks Bushra! Yes, it does read like a song. I realized once you said it.

  3. hahaha, awesome!! would love to attend such parties! enjoyed reading this one!! love such dreamy dreamy stuffs!

  4. hilarious one indeed,,grt personification of objcts like moon stars with fb nd twitter profile ...gud read :)

    1. Next would be an astronaut orbitting the Jupiter in a Space craft checking his FB A/c. What say you?

  5. Lovely image of moon shaking her bum :)