Friday, 24 August 2012

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay

Oh it was a sight
When the clouds had a fight
Tears flooded down
Brushing aside Earth’s frown
The sun scooted off
The trees visibly scoffed
The road bathed long
With a cup of tea strong
I watched the droplets dance
The day in a rainy trance
My window sill was wet
When I called upon my vet
He said “You wait! My dear,
The pup you ordered will be there
But it may take some time”
I said in a tone resigned,
“What’s the hurry doc, for life
Has its own timing set
Nothing happens before
Or nothing’s too late
When time is right & ripe
Everything falls in place
So let me enjoy this moment
As the wrathful sky vents
Tomorrow is another day
Sure everything’s gonna be okay” 


  1. Beautiful! Like this eternal truth..." When time is right & ripe
    Everything falls in place..."