Monday, 10 August 2015

One Little Wish

There’s one little dream
I wish was fulfilled
Before I close my lids
To the world

To see you by my side
Caressing a note of
Thousand echoes
Melting hearts

The moment’s truth
Blossoming in spring
Untimely though
A poor finish a frail start

Yet I wish yet I hope
Hand in hand
We walk with pride
Till my darling
Death do us apart

(Inspired by Gulzar Sahab's immortal poetry)


  1. A perfect compliment to 'Far and Near'...'I cross with faltering steps, Alone!' finds a bright and positive future in 'We walk with pride /Till my darling/Death do us apart...
    Wonderful again...loved it again:)

  2. Lovely lines, Geetashree. I agree with Rakesh. :)

  3. May your wish come true...
    Loved the flow!