Saturday, 8 August 2015

Far And Near

(My Bangla Poem translated in English on Readers' Request)

Seen you a zillion times
In dreams far and near
At the bus stop, on the roadside,
While boarding the tram, in the
Crowded market place
Aloof, wrapped in your own world
And I in my lazy days, sleepy noon,
In soporific haze, in dawn's early rays
With the chirp of the birds
Woken up in a maze
Hunting for you
Did you hear me calling out your name?
Perhaps yes.....perhaps no.....


Silence beseeched
Why I wonder
Your lame excuses....preoccupation
In the corner of your eyes lay still
Sinful secrets of lusty stare and
The taste of burning breath
The answer was hidden....there

Another day...
In the humongous throng
Where bodies blur
Our song had gone astray
In the rush of blood
A distant wish had taken
The shape of an intimate muse
In a wave of guilt I had fled
From you....

Untouched innocence I am
Vile passion, venomous you
And a sacred quest in tainted hue
And those muddy kisses
Clenched in my fist
A sky clouded in rue

Are you mine?
Or a claim anonymous?
I know not, yet
When miles sweep away
The nearness of minds
Over oceans of time
I cross with faltering steps


  1. Thank you for the translation. This is even more better than the original ( or may be I feel so as I am able to appreciate this more.)

    1. Perhaps you are more comfortable with this medium....thank you Somali

  2. Your words made me transcendent ..

    1. Kokila its not the words but the currents underneath

    2. Right ma'am . but is it not your words which made those undercurrents flow ? Contemplative ..

    3. Very apt reply it and humbled by your appreciation

  3. What can I say about such a terrifically wonderful poem? I'd rather enjoy it in silence but the comment form beckons...the awesome amalgamation of the mundane and sublime imparts it an air of dreamy far away land which is there inside us all...
    Tremendously b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l !!

    1. What can I say?.....Humbled by your appreciation!