Friday, 26 March 2010


There's a crooked path leading to the deep dungeons of mind,
Crooked, dark, almost hidden by overgrown bushes,
Crawlers & climbers,
Once removed, a slender strip of pathway is visible
Amidst long blades of grass & ancient trees which
Overshadow the patch of deep brown mud
I walk through hesitant
Lest I should disturb an order set
Aeons back
But I still walk on ...I halt...I think....
I pursue...

At last I reach the door
Here too the threshold is overburdened with growths
Almost hiding the entrance
I try to push aside the burdens with one hand
And grope the knob withered with age
And time.......................

I give it a slight push
Light years have passed by
I have not tried to seek the door
Or pull the latch
Wil it succumb now to my touch?
Yes, it does with an almost invisible shudder
Creaks to a halt
Inches wide
I push some more softly then with force
It screaches but gives way too
I wrench it now from its unused hinges
And it falls apart

Its dark inside
Very dark
The sunlight has not passed through
For sooooooooo many years
It is difficult to spot anything inside
Or perhaps it's dense inside
So dense....................(almost to infinity)
That it has sucked in everything
Light, water, air
So close like a tight, invincible grip
That it does not let out
Even a streak of substance
It gravitates around itself
And is happy like that

Let me poke through this black hole
And see whether I burn my fingers
Or I can burn down the blackness inside
With my persistent touch
Let's see whether the silver strips of
Thoughts and colours
Are able to spill out
And spread all over
Like an upended crystal bowl of
Prismatic H2O.....................


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  2. Oh come off it!
    Not soo dark and abject please
    Life is much more than that
    Peeps the day as does the night cease