Monday, 26 July 2010


The tender leaves

Float in his voice

A shine glows deep

Like a moon beam

On a starlit night

His crystal eyes

Mirror a smile

Dreams skirt around

On the marbled floor

Step to step

Rhythm to rhythm

Hands outstretched

Fingers clasped

But still amiss

Is the lonely touch

The nearness

The warmth

Of fingers and lips

So close yet so far

So distant in hold

Faithless but bold

Passes by a song unsung

The empty footfalls

Cocoon a moment

Intimate and gone

A gaiety so fake

Laughs aloud

As the harshness

Of sunshine

Pours on them

A moment is stilled

Gathered again

In distance surround

Promises broken

Words unleashed

Yet unspoken

A wish, a hope

Pulsates within

Hisses under his

Laboured breath

And robs him off

The words that freeze

With lifeless chains

He’s bound to an oath

Long forgotten

Forgiven perhaps

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