Thursday, 24 March 2011


I have lately got into this very bad habit of scribbling - as soon as I can snatch a piece of paper, be it the corner of a yellowing packet, old/current newspaper, screwed up paper balls (which I straighten out with great care), dog-eared slice of a page, in short, anything and everything, which falls within the category of papyrus, my pen goes crawling all over it and lovingly so.

Lately, I have also found a fascination for haikus, though my mentors tell me I got them all wrong when I try to create one and that I should get some help in the form of workshops,, tutelage under Kalaji, the well known internationally acclaimed haiku poetess etc. etc. But stubborn attempts as you may call it, I refuse to take the good and sane advices extended and keep on scratching on virgin lands scripting thoughts which even if go un-etched, will not bother the world at all.

So, coming to haikus – mine are never what they are intended to be. At best these may be called “shykus” as I shy away from conventions guarding this unique form of poetry or “trykus” as they follow the hit and trial route. One of my net friends coined her own fiasco as “mykus”. Borrowing the nuance from her kitty, I write on. Given below are some of my pet disasters. It depends on the reader’s imagination to fathom what they actually are and under what caption these may be placed:

Jotting down chores
A day’s too short

For old age
Dwindling assets

Lost my way
Turning around
Bump into a dead end

Reposes serenely on
A sheaf blank
A page mark

I scribble
Scampers past
A squirrel

A few drops of rain
My Elovera
Is green again

A few drops of sun
Blooming lilies
So much fun

An old film song
Waft in air
Memories fond

A few stars
Dancing in the pond
Glimpses from the road beyond

At this bend
A cluster of thoughts
On strained end

Crumpled in a purse
Old and yellow
A forlorn snapshot


  1. well... I loved every bit of your trykus :D ... and I am sure it be crowned as a Haiku...although I am not that great a judge but as a public who admires simple writing and can relate to it... I can say its an awesome creation! :D

  2. Everyone has their own style. Do not loose your identity.

  3. I think, creativity is at it's best when it is sometimes left as it is - raw and undefined! Whatever you write, 'it' is beautiful :)

  4. You call them failed attempt? Trust me, they are as good as they come, each one of them.

  5. Your haikus/trykus/shykus are awesome! Worry kaiku...??? :P

    1. Haaa! Haaa! Haaa! You've made my day! Made my day...