Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Battle Mates

From Google

I am no saint when it comes to virtues
My vices kill me on every breath
As well as those who dare to reform
My unhinged soul , my wayward will
Yet in moments of deep reverie
I feel a Oneness with the Universe
The abode of the cherubs and the chaste
The debauch and the demoniacal alike
I wonder whether it is the vile and vicious in me
Which senses a resonance with the chaos in the cosmos
Or is it the shallow-breathing long-captivated angel
Asphyxiating somewhere deep within
Perhaps my saintliness lies in just being human
However, the fact of the matter remains that
Eternal is the residence of Saints and Satan both
On the fulcrum of the Consciousness Supreme
The degree lies in the tilt of the lever
And that's so simple, isn't it?

This poem is shared with Poet's United for the Midweek Motif : Saint/Saintliness


  1. The ending question is superb - never simple! some brilliant imagery tucked into this philosophical poem

  2. Never quite so simple! And yet we who live in the world are implicit in its devices.

  3. My vices kill me on every breath
    As well as those who dare to reform

    Sigh.. no doubt its difficult to control our actions.
    Beautifully penned.

  4. I really like this! "The degree lies in the tilt of the lever" is an excellent metaphor. I think lives that tilt more toward the GOOD are 'saints,' but because we are human we cannot expect perfection of ourselves or others!

    1. Thank you Mary. Imperfection is a way of life.

  5. Good introspection for all of us who think nothing but good of ourselves.

  6. Simple! the tilt of the lever!
    Excellent poem!

  7. Wonderful philosophy in the poem... :-)

  8. Yes, indeed... Each human carries within a saint and a devil. They are constantly at war with one another and we have to pull the lever helping one or the other to win the battle. Well-penned!

  9. Very well said--I can resonate with you.

  10. Oh, that's the difficult part. Superbly penned and yes, a wonderful philosophy in it.