Monday, 17 June 2013

Sitting By The Window

Dawn tiptoes stealthily
Towards my window
The dark silhouettes
Enlighten slowly
In the purity of light
A car washer cleaning cars
A milkman cycling past
With clanging containers of milk
I too have to take to the sleepy roads
As my pet Mr. Snow Boot nudges me
With soft growls
The day's begun
No more sitting by the window...

Glorious morn seeps in unstoppably
Under a glowering sun
The street lights burn
With a weak zeal
The usual noises of work
The honking of horns
The busy strides of passers by....

As the afternoon draws close
Shadows of the trees lengthen
On my veranda
A pale good bye ensues
Its the parting time...
The sun tilts westward
Leaving behind a trail
Of riotous red, purple, soft pink
Orange mixed with black and blue
A wistful end to day's delight...

The night comes in with bold steps
Sprinkling a few stars on the way
A doting moon with a motherly smile
The neons and the sparkles of the sky
Vie with each other
For supremacy...

Tomorrow at predawn
I shall again sit by the window
To witness the interplay
Of darkness and splendour...

Till then...



  1. With a limited Vocabulary,what do i say to different to express how amazing I felt reading you.I can always relate to how you describe the time passing by and the changing ambiance of the surroundings. The loner in me can so much relate to your experiences penned down beautifully..
    I am lucky .. I know your blog Geeta, trust me ! :)

  2. Me lucky too to have found a compatriot in you...

  3. Aha...had a beautiful glimpse, Geeta. I traveled with you to feel, smell and witness the flavor of the surrounding....

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  5. Beautiful! Your read gave me a relaxed effect!:)

  6. Beautiful description of 24hrs.

  7. This is so expressive and beautiful..:)

  8. what a beautiful and soothing day...lovely lines.. :)

  9. Good morning!!

    That sure was lovely!