Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Myth Called Certitude

मैं यकीनन कह नहीं सकती
ज़िन्दगी अब न रुलाएगी
न रातों की खामोशियाँ
चौंकाएगी, न सपनों के  धुंधलके
निचोड़ जायेगी रूह को, बेवक्त
ही कोई आस दम तोड़  न देगी
और हांपते   क़दमों को साए
घने, सब्ज़ नसीब होंगे

घबड़ाहट धडकनें बन गई अब तो
सिसकियाँ खुशनुमाह दाग़ दामन पे
और यकीन पे यकीं रखना
एक कायर सा ख्वाब मानो

मैं यकीनन कह  नहीं सकती
धुप ढलते ही छाओं बरक़रार रहेंगे
और दिन के  झुलसते तंगियों को
रात के आगोश में चैन की पनाह
मिलेगी ...

मुझे यकीन से डर  लगने लगा हैं
और ख्वाबों पे विश्वास
बेवजह बोझ सी मालूम पड़ती है

मैं यकीन करू के न करू
बता मेरे हमनफज़
ग़मज़दाओं का यह हश्र
कोई नयी बात तो नहीं
फिर भी

कोई गर यकीन दिलाये
तो यकीं पे यकीं हो शायद

Am not sure life’s gonna be
A bed of roses henceforth
And the dead of the night
Won’t startle me out of peace
And those dreams which
Never saw the light of the day
Won’t beckon me like a mirage
From afar
Breaking my heart the way they
Always do
And hope shan’t play truant like the
Kid next door who’ve been caught quite often
bunking school by his parents
Whether these tired feet shall find
That forlorn pair of slippers lost in the crowded temple
And heart would find its cadence
to that hip-hop number we always danced in glee
And running nose won’t leave their dirty marks
On shirt sleeves
Sobs are such a nuisance!!!

I know it’s rather foolish to have faith
In the certitudes of life
As there’s nothing seems to be
Of certainty except   
That fiery ball of red in the sky
Which might not find an embalming
Cushion in the folds of the night that follows
Yet it’s quite certain that day precedes night
And vice versa
Well it’d be quite comforting if someone
Were to assert a pattern to life
However, as dreams dilute to nothingness
And life seems to fizzle away into something
Uncomprehendingly fatuous
The only certitude seems to be the uncertainties
Awaiting at the next bend
To catch you unawares


  1. uncertainties are surely certain no matter how much we hide behind ... illusions of assurances and certain is our perishing.
    wonderful verse beyond comparison!
    everytime i read you , between the lines , I get understand one thing .. experience speaks!
    Thanks for sharing !

    1. Thanks for that large hearted appreciation

  2. ah, that's life! ....this is a Gem of a if you opened our awareness with your words!
    Loved each line.....

  3. Panchalidi your presence and comment give me that wee bit of confidence needed to survive!!!I won't belittle this contribution by saying thanks

  4. Yes life's uncertainties are killing & one yearns for assuring words at such times.You have penned these feelings soulfully.

    1. Thanks Induji for understanding the soul of this narrative so well

  5. Hoping and dreaming are the death of us.

  6. Unexpected makes our lives!
    Very well written. You have good hold over both English and Hindi.

  7. Trust, dreams and having support of someone is all we need. Life is such a complex journey.

  8. Life is very simple, but we insist on making it complicated - Confucius

  9. Life just goes on and on and on..
    that's the only certain thing..

    You have a lovely space..
    thanks for visiting me and giving me the opportunity to land here :)

  10. Yes! That's the only certainty for sure that keeps God alive