Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Let It Be!!

"Let it be....."
I said tossing a lock
In cold air
Stomping a foot
In dust
Pouting like a
Pampered brat
"Let it be......."
I repeated haughtily
As though I never cared
"If dreams break
Let it be
If words dry up
Let it be
If heart loses
The only chance
Let it be
If the world
Turns its back
What do I care
And what do they care
If I lose my way
In dreary desert
Without leaving
My footprints behind
What do they care
Let it be....
Let it be....
Let it be ...."

The mad moon
Looked down
And laughed heartily
Deriding my clumsy
Act.........of not caring
The night air stung

While I swallowed
A lump of ice
Battling a rage

Defeat is not easy
Neither is winning

Let it


  1. 'If the world
    Turns it back
    What do I care
    And what do they care
    If I lose my way
    In dreary desert..'
    Excellent! Out of this world!!

  2. Footprints in desert sand..very evocative. Good one!

  3. Through the use of 'What do I care' and 'Let it be', the poem actually screams 'I do care'. If there is an appropriate parallel in English for the word 'Abhiman' in Hindi, that's it.

  4. That is a powerful piece. I like how the moon is used as a metaphor for the uncaring world.