Sunday, 11 April 2010


This is my space
My own personal, intimate zone,
Where I excavate through
Layers and layers of thought soil,
To scoop out the crux of
“What was” and
Bask in the glory of the “Now”
Sometimes fumble through a hyper-imagined

This is where letters, words,
Alphabets, phrases, sentences
Tumble out of the closet of my
Cerebrum and play
Tricks with my emotions
Laugh at my “greenness”
Or cudgel up the dread
Which have been “coffined”
In remote location

Here I tickle and smile
And make mischief
Also, let the unshed tears
Surface at times
Here the grey cells regurgitate
And heart cud-chews
Whatever’s left of the
Fossilized feelings

Here I am because
I am free
To think, to emote
To ventilate and
To see
My own novice
Dreams which were
Doused by the pain
Of hard hitting reality
And strain
Of mundane life

Here I am
Hear me out
And if you ever
Traverse the periphery
Of my “own” being
Come in &
Tread on to know more
And my most precious
“Mine” things
But hey just don’t go away
Without leaving
Your footprints
Etched on the sands of time
And thoughts immortal

Here I am
Hear me out…………..

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