Sunday, 11 April 2010


Scientists shoot electro-magnetic signals into space to ensure that human sovereignty remains unchallenged and unquestioned by alien intelligence. Some thoughts admit a plausibility of alien supremacy to leash the satanic encroachments of human aberration. Man considers himself to be the best creation of God. Yet, he is insecure and fearful of his own status in his microcosm of reality. He wants to conquer, control, command and consolidate the cosmos in a bid to be concomitant with the Supreme that be it. An extended expression of his own inferiority!

He puts up barbed fences, demarcates LOCs, divides hearts in water-tight compartments of caste, creed, religion, region, language, colour of the skin and so on and so forth. He takes pride in his power of precision measured by the exactness of the throw, range and magnitude of devastation brought about by his own creation - deadly missiles. He keeps his neighbours on toe by threats of nuclear superiority. He preaches the others what he never practices himself.

As an ode to the aftermath, he sits in insulated auditoria and has endless debates and discussions on how to counter the ill consequences of his misdemeanour - global warming and carcinogenic emissions. The mad man down the lane shakes his head in amused amazement and mumbles “Wrath of God, this is” under his breath. People laugh at him. I discern glimpses of ageless wisdom in his muffled mutterings.

Man has failed and failed miserably! He has vitiated God’s plan of Eternity and as poetic justice to his misdeeds he shall pay the price one day by his own extinction.

Till then he waits with bated breath for the final blow of the hammer to strike on the sill. The tilting of the balance in the hand of the blindfolded lady in his disfavour! The finite possibility of an infinite end!

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