Sunday, 11 April 2010


As a child I had this huge hypnotic connect to the inky blue night sky, its twinkling stars and the gloating moon. I spent sleepless hours in endless sky-gazing. An irresistible desire surged through my veins to zoom into space and touch those frozen dollops of crystal shimmer, peel a little of their whiteness, place the scooped bits on the tip of my tongue and feel a perhaps peppermint like cool tingle down through the sensory organs to every nook and cranny of my limbs.. My only concern was how these silver balls remained stuck in the void and why they didn’t just pop down into the crook of my palms. It’d save such a lot of journey through light years!!!!! I was told the magic lay in centrifugal force or some such Laws of Nature which were proven, established facts, changeless and irrefutable. When I grew up I learnt to keep aside these scientific jargons.

My juvenile naivety failed to perceive the preordained arrangement of infinite love strewn here and there by unknown hands. Youth bestows a certain careless arrogance to human rationale and truth plays hide and seek with the self-centered “I know all” perspective of middle age. It is only when you approach the sun-set of life that your perceptions become clear with age, failure and experience. You tend to impute values in myriad mundane things and be surprised by your own realizations and perhaps have a common tag-line of “why I never thought of that earlier” to your introspections.

Einstein, the giant thinker once remarked, “The most incomprehensible thing about the Universe is that it is comprehensible.” It takes more than cerebral acumen to comprehend the “incomprehensibility” of the Universe – a mere plaything in the hands of we-don’t-know-who. Perhaps it is pure and sundry imagination when the Poet visualizes an invisible bond of divine love and ecstasy coursing through the cosmic vastness. An eternal frenzy, a mad infatuation of attraction and detraction which on one hand prevents colossal collusion and collapse and at the same time compels the celeste to diligently follow an orbital motion without digress or deviation (and that is why the stars and the moon just don’t pop off the sky and drop into my hands!!!). Narcissus would have been too pleased to see his own endless personification. The enormity of it absolutely unimaginable! The Creator must be too much in love with Himself and his Creation to let it go just like that. That is why most probably decay, doom and destruction always give way to a new beginning. And thus perpetuates the cyclic order without an end or a clue when it began. A game of concentric movement and head swinging spin!!!

But the intellect scoffs at such romantic presumptions and that is the reason why, most probably, the eternal question “why is it so if that is so “still remains unanswered, the quests still cueless and the queries still insatiable. That is why I still look up to the sky, in the dead of the night and wonder why these glittering specks of light just don’t drop through the ether filled vacuum onto the neatly manicured lawn if not in the crook of my palms joined together in upward stance in prayerful submission.

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