Friday, 9 August 2013

A Feather Soft Dream

Remembering the child hood days...
I woke up in the middle of the night
Not in fright but with a happy smile
It was such a cute little dream
Of robust puppies and cozy home
Wherein cackled a golden fire
Spreading its warmth on comfy chairs
Covered in soft, colourful drapes
A thick, plush rug lay uncreased
On white marble floor with zig-zag shapes
The walls were of beige and gold
The counter panes a subdued shade
Of snuff and brown to match the sofas
inviting and warm and the dreamy dog
Lying around in lazy stance

Suddenly I pined for all my lost toys
The doll with the bushy hair and moving eyes
The smaller one with the long, thick braid
I remember I'd named her "Pony Tail"
The baby frocks and the kid boots
And the stuffed rabbit with polka dots
Stitched by my aunt with loving care
I wanted them all back on the bed
On the floor, on the sofa, every where
Even the plastic one with the lolling head,
The dirty, rubber cat with the blue ball
Tattered and torn but I wanted them all

Oh how I wanted to rush back in time
Erase my mistakes with zeal and zest
Seal my fate with good deeds and pride
Just then, my friend, sleep hazed
I mumbled under my breath perhaps
A prayer, a wish, a thought aloud
And turned drowsily to the other side
A little wistful, a little sad,
A little broken, a little mad
But spun my mind still for a while
Childhood yearns in feathery piles