Thursday, 1 August 2013

Just A Peep

As I peep out' the window
A network of cables assualts my eyes
A lamp post stands erect almost arrogant
Next to it is an old Neem tree
Elegantly stooping as its branches
Strong and brown spread heaven ward
Covered with thick bushy foliage
The leaves kissing the cables
And almost caressing the lamp
A bunch of squirrels scamper around
A few run on the cable in a smooth glide
One atop the street lamp
While the rest dance on the sturdy branches
I stand and watch
God's creation and human invention
Residing side by side
As the tiny fur balls romp over and around


  1. Nice observation..
    really it's interesting to see that how nature and human inventions are residing in same spot..
    Guess the latter is doing much damage.

  2. Delightful. God's creatures are a joy to watch.

  3. Beautiful..Everything is Art! True!

  4. Nice beautiful poem. A peep often opens the windows of opportunity Geetashree or should I call you vanderloost

  5. We all learn to coexist and a new order reigns. Nice poem Gitashree.