Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Life Has Never Been A Bed Of Roses, You See!!!

खैर कभी भी बहुत खुशनुमा तो नहीं थी ज़िन्दगी


आज गर ग़म से  बोझल है दिल तो कुछ नयी बात नहीं

यह एक  तसल्ली , एक बहलावा , एक ग़लत फहमी कह लिजीये जनाब
दरअसल यह नायाब सोच जीना आसान कर देती है



गैर सी भी अगर लगती है कभी दिन, रात के  दायरे में बंधे
चौबीस घंटे

मना लेने में खुद को झिझक महसूस नहीं होती


खैर कभी भी बहुत खुशनुमा तो नहीं थी ज़िन्दगी

Life has never been a bed of roses
The thought perhaps not so pleasant
Has yet consoled the tears tripping over the lashes
And bestowed an illusion to the heathen nights
When sleep eluded my pillow
Overall a misnomer, you may say
A flawed presentation, a melancholic surrender
To what could have been way different   
But the note of acquiesce ingrained therein
Has made living so much easy
Even if the days and nights seemed alien
Belonging to someone else, as though
Just the thought of it has charmed away
The restiveness of resistance
And that is the reason why
I have more than often
Soothed myself with those inevitable submission
Let it be…
Life has after all never been a bed of roses
You see…



  1. wow.. beautiful expressions..

    loved it more in Hindi :)
    realizations that life was never easy..
    it's just the attitude that kept you going.

    lovely read

    1. Thanks Jyoti. Acceptance gives, if not great joy, at least the power of endurance positively.

  2. There are difficult times too.
    Nicely penned.