Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I cannot keep pace
With the jostling feet
The marauding haste
The trampling zest
Of the winning race
The cruel streak
The passionate chase
The smouldering blaze
Of the power freak
The tempting lure
The groping claws
The grabbing craze
Oozing hate
The cunning moves
The bluffing guise
The facade of love
The charming snides
The stab behind
The growing pain
Cloaked in vain
In dazzling smile
Of fake delight
Deceptive disdain
The lonely nights
The smothered cries
The shattered dreams
The battered heart
The abject plight
Gift of spite
Malice, insane
The macabre sport
The illegitimate gains
The legitimate hoax
The insatiable thirst
Of reaching first
Remaining atop
Immortal conquest
I cannot keep pace
With this endless quest
Of lost sunshine
And mediocre jest

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