Monday, 21 June 2010


I am more than often branded as "super sensitive" by my foes and friends alike. I realize that being touchy is somewhat of a deterrent in life and work. But as one of my wellwishers has advised me more recently that I should try and shed off some of my "porkupinish" reaction to stimulii and be a little more thick skinned, I suppose, I find that difficult as well.

My sensitivities are very much a part of me, of who I am. They have grown and stayed with me for so long, it seems almost fatal to my personality, to shrug them off consciously and forget about them overnight. I also have this disturbing feeling that if I loose my sensitivity I shall loose my creativity as well ( my "cerebralness" as I call it) and be a "vegetable" of sorts which again is an exaggerated fear or may be an apathy to change, a recalcitrant, reactionary element vey common and natural to human species. I know I may be clinging to a misnomer.

Some of these sensitivities have been genetically inherited; the rest acquired, socially transmitted, default "aftermath(?)" or consequence of education and upbringing.

I also strongly believe that a person who claims to be involved in creative or cerebral pursuit should nurture a certain amount of sensitivity - be sensitized to environs and people around and influence them to be so.

Creativity confined to narrow domains of personal indulgence, looses its intrinsic value. Thus, being a creative person in all its completeness, also entails social responsibilities. We must reach out, touch people's hearts, make them think, try to improve upon the status quo and bring in change if possible. Creativity should not just be and exercise in word craftsmanship and a bundle of ill fated emotions. It has to be much more than that!

I am a thinking animal. I ponder and cud chew. I dissent and cherish strong opinions. Sometimes, foolishly voice them as strongly, to the chagrin of many. I choose to take stand and sometimes even banish people out of my arena of social exchange if they do not conform to my ways and means (which of course is a bit extreme!)

What I mean to say is that sensitivity has its own advantages and disadvantages, given its usage, application and utilitarian value.

We should wake up to the fact that we are sensitive that is why we are able to create and vice versa, we are creative therefore sensitive.

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