Friday, 25 June 2010

RANDOM (Continued)

“Reality is not a myth
It is ‘now’
The tangible truth
The present
And tomorrow it shall
Become the past
A bygone reality
Recorded in history
Recalled in moments
Of nostalgia,”
I said with conviction.
She agreed

“We are caught in time
And weigh life
In terms of past, present
And future
We forget we created time
For our convenience
It never existed by itself
Measured to its infinitesimal count
Constrained, tied, bound
We defined
What is what was and what will be
And put a noose around
The incessant forward flow
And made it our own
And what we cannot foresee
We call it Utopia.”
She looked disdainful
“Obsolete philosophy,”
She mocked.

I decreed,
“Life is infinite
So is death
A vicious circle
With no beginning or end
And mind you, my friend
Infinity is just not a
Numerical expression
It is human inability
To conjure a digit
Past a certain limit,”
She laughed.
“Is it?”
Came the retort
Laced with sarcasm
I shrugged.

“The genesis”, I said,
“Was an infinitely dense entity
Sucking in the Eternity
In a dark cesspool
Whole, a Nothing, a Nullity
And the end will be the same
Does it ring a bell?”
She said “Oh hell!”

“We, God’s children
With our feeble, frail faculty
Claim immortality
We, mere specks of dust
In the vastness of creation
Aspire divinity
Like spoilt brats
Compete with Him
And incur His wrath.”
She looked pensive.
I looked eager
For an affirmative,
None came in return

She said at last
“You’re cruel to yourself
See how we create beauty
Melody, colour, ingenuity
Sculpt, sketch, play, pen
Works of genius
With numbered
Hues, lyrics and strains
We create multitude
Ruins we substitute
With sprawling sensations
We immortalize Him
Through our creations
We encompass, we embrace
With love and affection
Our fellow brethren
Is it not enough?
Proof of prowess,
Power, wisdom

“I dissent,
We also draw lines,
We divide,
We deprive,
Others of their own
We have disgraced
Our own kind
We enjoy anarchy
Destroy Kingdoms
And Civilizations
Endless blood baths and
Ruthless conquests
We have plunged
In darkness, doom
And satanic decoy
We have wreaked havoc
Wrestled with Nature’s
Forces and deploy
We have played God
We have vitiated His Plans
Negated his Existence
We have celebrated victory
Of lustful, vengeful employ
We have invited our end.”

She said, “My friend,
You forget
Decay and destruction
Are parts of the game
From dust is gained
A new beginning
A dawn of joy and hope
As darkness gives way.”

I said, “Nope
Not this way,
We have gone too far
There is no regain or return
We wait with bated breath
Our own extinction.”
She said, “Never say no
There are infinite
Permutations combinations
We did not create Infinity
It was always there
And it shall forever remain
We are a part of it
Though minuscule
But without us
The circle is not complete.”

I said, “No, no more again”
She said, “Yes”
I said, “No”
She said, “Why?”
I said, “How?”
Doubts were raised
Doubts were quelled
Reasons supplied
Lost faith regained
Paving the way for
Questions afresh
Suspicions anew
And minutes flew by……………………..

Yet, the debate still continues…………..

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