Saturday, 26 June 2010


My learned colleague, who is also my e mail friend, forwarded a mail with photographs of various buildings in the shape of a tea-pot. I wrote back to him saying that it would be a brilliant idea to go in jointly for a tea-joint in the shape of a tea-pot which will sell fragrant, best quality tea minus the calorie ridden snacks. He agreed but was a little distraught as to how the arrangement would be brought about as he would be retiring much before me. So I would either have to take a premature voluntary retirement or join him later after my timely superannuation. The discussion remained inconclusive but the outline of a poem germinated quite easily there from:

A tea joint in the shape of a tea-pot
A cottage with a red-brick wall
Big French windows and a trimmed lawn
The roof would look like the lid atop
The hall would look like the stout pot
The kitchen would have the chimney spout
The handle would laze by the side ground
Cute, warm, pretty, plump and inviting
Filled with aroma of steaming, swirling
Pot of giggling gurgling leafy liquid buoyant
A Cool, cozy, sunny, rosy tea joint

Where time stops with the flavour of tea
Where the birds chirp and hum the bees
Where the windows open to a blue sky
Valley of blushing blossoms sighs
Happily, merriment fills the air around
No hurry, flurry, worry, scurry, surround
Mere blissful gleeful peace abound
A calm, quiet, sitting or a meeting point
A Cool, cozy, sunny, rosy tea joint

Spring would bring in fragrance of the bloom
Autumn would allow a pale sun to swoon
Winter would burn a friendly fire aglow
Summer would let the days be idle and slow
A tea-joint where oldies would while away
Time with a news paper or a book in hand
Youth would raise their voices in mirth
Vivacious, vibrant, exuberant, birth
Of many romances and sublime love’s anoint
A Cool, cozy, sunny, rosy tea joint

We’d stand by the counter & welcome smiling
Wish everyone a good morning or good evening
There’d be of course no good byes
No leaving, no parting any au revoire
The colour of the tea would be golden brown
The flavour, the fragrance, the brewing super fine
And the tea-pots would be flowery and fragile
The cups and saucers to match and agile
Shall we be in attendance, forever
Solicitous, engaging, endearing and never
Shall we be short of patience, groan or frown
And be honest to the penny we’d make it a point
A Cool, cozy, sunny, rosy tea joint

Mothers would bring in babies in prams
Fathers would indulgently follow; crammed
Would be the place from morn to night
Visitors to the valley would soon alight
With friends, cousins, aunts and uncles,
Nieces, nephews; those would be very far & few
Who’d claim they haven’t heard of the joint
A Cool, cozy, sunny, rosy tea joint

Oh! How I wish the days stroll fast by
And soon we say to all good by
And fly away to the abode of peace
Far from the maddening crowd & seize
Moments of wishful, fanciful delights
And of course have in our pockets the right
Amount of moolah to say with pride
We are soon to open and welcome to all
To our heavenly, haven of fragrance and froth
Where splash of gold spills over while serving
Which we consider not waste but tiding of more
To come & mop it up chiding in mock anger
With a hand embroidered chequered cloth
Thus would be our bright, bountiful, beverage point
A Cool, cozy, sunny, rosy tea joint

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