Saturday, 5 September 2015

A Sacred Oath

Words die on quivering lips
As I hold on to a broken wish
A wish to make, a wish to break
Of timeless hold, of ephemeral swish

Words die on quivering lips.....

There's yet more to learn on the path
Of life, how to hurt and how to strife
To get over the pain of prolonged days
Of endless nights of interminable anguish

Words die on quivering lips....

Its an art to survive when you want not to
Its disastrous to die when you ought to
Navigate the waters dangerous to wade
At the other end perhaps joy awaits

Words die on quivering lips....

At the far end of the horizon there appears
Alive a rainbow of colours so bright
I think I can wrench it free from the sky
Squeeze it tight in my palms and make it mine

Words die on quivering lips....

Alas! Roars the thunderous fate
The torrents of pain how to abate
How to reason with demons within
How to let the angels win

Words die on quivering lips......

Free I shall be from shackles strong
Soul's songs are yet to be born
Dirge of pain, the venomous peg
Reign I shall within to check

Shan't let the melody die
Shan't let spring say goodbye
Shan't let hurt on self inflict
Shan't let words die on quivering lips


  1. A nice depiction of the tug of war that goes within all of us with our own thoughts & desires. And that gives me an idea for a haiku :) Keep inspiring Geetashree. :D

  2. What a blessing it is to be a poet! To express one's soul in a captivating way! You are indeed blessed, Geetashree! Very beautiful poem!

    1. You are equally blessed too Rakesh. Storytelling is also an art which you have mastered.

    2. You are equally blessed too Rakesh. Storytelling is also an art which you have mastered.

  3. Very nicely done. Reads very well to ear.

  4. Am dumbstruck by this impeccable poem, Geetashree, and in spite of hundreds of feelings and thoughts it generates I can't express them because "Words die on quivering lips......!"