Thursday, 3 September 2015

Song Of Stars

Oh my alien star !!
On your nocturnal sojourn
 I await by my attic
For your twilight lore
Of fables born

As the veil of dusk
Descends, I hide your tale
Within my soul

Oh my sleepless star!!
From faraway heathen land
I fear not to intersect
Your trajectory night long

The distant sky beckons
With an ethereal kiss of
Light, I'd rather travel without
The ugly remnants of my life

Oh my poor, humble star!!
Listen to my plea
In your hurried flight of fancy
You may somewhere miss me

Dusty is my abode
Unblemished are your feet
I revere your ascent
But fail to reach thee

A favour I ask of you
When the time comes to flee
As I close in my lashes
You be what no one has ever been

(Inspired by the song "Bhindeshi Tara" from the Bengali movie "Antaheen", a classic in its own right)