Thursday, 10 September 2015


Sky afar
Stars glitter
Moon smiles
The night is young
Visions emerge
Dancing waves
Reaches and recedes
Evening song
Croons the breeze
Warming my heart
Melody divine
Destiny adorns
A nebulous haze
Labyrinthine maze
In vain I seek
The path beyond
But will l stall?
Or hesitate?
To surge ahead
In quest forlorn?
Not till my soul
Satiated rests
In bliss sublime
In bond ever strong
Hope is my torch
I lift ablaze
Grit is my arm
Wrapped along
Hold my hand
Despair I lest
Hold me tight
In embrace strong
Stars shall swoon and;
Fall at our feet
Moon shall glow
All day long
We shall then
March in tune
Hug in delight
The horizon beyond
Sun shine then shall
Never elope and
The nights shall
Stay forever young


  1. The absolute spirit of celebration throughout..! Amazingly beautiful:)

  2. A true celebration with words...really beautiful... :-)

  3. Beautiful! You have a way with words, ma'am!

  4. Oh, this is so beautiful... phenomenal!

  5. A celebration indeed! I wonder how do so many beautiful words strike you at a go.

    1. Your haikus are as beautiful and ornate Somali...Thanks

  6. You are a master in presenting a blend of human feelings and the beauty of the nature through poetry (and through prose as well). Fortunate are your readers Geeta Ji. I am one of them.

    1. Mathur Sahab, I am fortunate to have readers like you who find so much meaning and depth in my frivolous writings