Tuesday, 1 September 2015


I had walked up the miles
By the shores of a roaring sea
On a wistful dawn
And footprints were etched
On the carpet of sands
Earthy sketches on a canvas of gold

Years later ....
I went up to the beach
On a dazzling morn
And looked hither & thither
Footprints were none
Swept away by the unruly tides
Left were a few broken conches
Marooned sea shells & dirty corals
But no! the footprints were gone


You brought spring
In  greying autumn
You brought a smile
To parched lips
You brought sunshine
On melancholy days
You brought peace
To a frenzied world
You brought solace
To thudding heart
You brought dreams
To sleepless nights
You brought songs
To deafened ears
You gave life
To deadened soul

But now you are gone
And left behind
Is an empty shell
A few tear drops
And a night
Mourning in quietude
Of muted music
Of yore


  1. A rollercoaster of emotions!

  2. An excellent portrayal of footprints,memories and vacuum that remains after someone is gone.

  3. So beautifully you have captured the anguish of memories. Loved the poem :)

  4. Immensely beautiful!