Monday, 13 September 2010


I mingle with the crowd of hasty steps
Famished eyes, furrowed brows
Fearful hearts, floundering souls

I get diffused in their pain
Hunger, angst, stress, denial, deprivation

As I am one with them

But we do not hold Hands
Or touch hearts
Stranger we walk side by side
Isolated islands of muted voices
Of grief untold, sorrow unshared

Chasing are we a haloed mirage
Of flaming passion, lusty temptations
More fragile than the brittle
More precious than the priceless
Half truths of knowledge and perhaps existence

We are all united in our mission
But plod alone the paths of survival
In a meandering labyrinth
Of cascading failure

We do not stop by, smile a nod
In recognition of our mutual loss
Apparent profits and at times calculated withdrawal

I am happy and so are they
In our make-believe worlds of blissful ignorance
And bask in the glory of anonymity
Thy name perhaps is freedom

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