Monday, 13 September 2010


O ye dreams
Tread softly
You may awake
Me from
Deep slumber within
With flailing fingers
I may try and grip
Thy chiffon wings
In darkness
Hollowed by

O ye dreams
Tiptoe please
So softly
Into my room
Wakefulness may
Prod me so
To hug you
To my heart
Weak with desire
Impassioned ........

O ye dreams
Do please stride in
But so careworn
With a finger on your lips
Like a mother tucking in
Her baby to bed
With delicate warmth
And care

O ye dreams
Petal soft dreams
Do come in
Do walk in
like a hmmm
Of a breeze
Swishing past my ears

O ye dreams
My only dreams
My lovely dreams
Nestle your head
On my downy pillows
And sleep a wink
By my side
So that as I turn
Ye embrace me
Like a lover's arm
In longing, linger
On like a
Melody of a song
So dear
But perhaps
Forgotten over the years

O ye dreams
My sauntering dreams
My floating clouds
My fragile shroud
Of joy and splendour
O ye dreams
Ye for ye alone I live
I breathe, I rejoice
I believe in
What could happen never

O ye dreams
My illusive wish
My passionate prayer
Hope unfulfilled
My only friend
My soul mate sincere
My phosphorous dreams
My effervescent dreams
My bubbly fizz
My vapourous glitz
I know you may never be there
But oh so I wish
You be always there
Lining the lashes
Swimming with lust
In my eyes
With loving care

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