Sunday, 12 September 2010


She leaves behind a vacant room
A glass window half draped
Another with the blind drawn up
And grey walls

A pink & black satin dress which lay
Strewn callously on the floor
She picks up and slithers in
A delicate
Remnants of vanity fair

Just to have a feel of
Those lusty nights
She had spent in the arms
Of the betrayer

Her eyes focussed to the past
And the golden strands
She pulls back
With manicured fingers

Lost hopes and dreams
Hurt, pain and screams
Of anguish are never
To be shared

A vulnerable exit from
A room full of despair
Cocooned in a satin dress
Deep pink and black
Blushes of the virgin
Expectations and
Dark shadows of nights
Patched together
With Satin threads

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