Thursday, 16 September 2010


It dies with the dusk
My hopes of a dawn
Perhaps never to return


Go!Shoo!Fly!Be gone!
Shadows of past forlorn
Let me welcome a sunny morn

And no stars in sight
A dark alley winding
Cold feet echo

Cold feet echo
The hum of the breeze
The silence of the night


The silence of the night
The droplets of rain
Dripping from the leaves
The moon feels shy
Hides behind a cloud
A dog whines
Somewhere at the end of the alley
A car passes by
Its headlights throwing
A weak patch of light
On the pitch dark roads
Long way to go till
The arrival of the dawn
I sit in my lawn
Encircling a white bungalow
Now stilled in slumber
Everyone' gone to bed
Only I am alone, awake
A drape on a window
Shivers in the soft breeze
And an owl wails
Plaintively, on the old, peepal tree
I clutch the white shawl
And let my mane slide down
My fragile boned back
A song comes to mind
Heard ages ago
I hum with a smile
A bleak light burns
In the hut further down
By the running stream
I tread thither along
Somebody passes by
An old hunched man
Stooped on a stick
Chanting the holy name
I swoosh by like the
Flowing, whispering wind
On invisible wings
Leaving a thin trace
Of mist behind
A swish of silk
And the holy chant
Echo in the green
Valley beyond..............


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