Monday, 13 September 2010


A pearl drop secluded in a sea-shell.
A rain drop clothed in a cloud.
A dew drop encasing a rainbow.
A sea weed coral crowned.

A moon beam trickling through the window.
A wee wish in the heart enthroned.
A lavender dream lacing the lashes.
A secret whispered aloud.

A hint, a glint, a smile , a tint.
A throb, a pain, a sob.
A coax, a cajole, a craving.
Indeed, a mischief lurking around.

A touch, a sigh, a hum, a high.
A moment lived profound.
A blush, a splash, a jolt, a hush.
A mist in a maze of shrouds.

These and in similar other and many more ways, the ever-elusive, exact four lettered word LOVE has been defined and redefined in versified and non-versifed forms. The ambrosia has been sipped and re-sipped and the goblet of life filled and re-filled.

But the one that attracts me the most, thuds with my heart and pulsates in my veins is the one penned by the inimicable Gulzar Sahib which runs in his style incomparable:

"Sirf ahsaas hai yeh rooh se mahsoos karo, pyar ko pyar hi rehne do koi naam na do"

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