Monday, 13 September 2010


A Penseive! A Room of Requirement! A Time Turner!

The Poteratti will know exactly what I mean.

A penseive, an oval-shaped, bottomless basin, to pour in priceless memories! Vaster than a bank vault and safer than the mind; without the encumbrances of rent or lease or such other grime! So much alike at the same time so unlike the cubby hole wherein we shove in the so called valuables - gems and jewels and sometimes a few wads of “grey” currency sublime (?); above all, the inexorable ritual of making it a point to peep into the pigeon-hole at regular intervals with thudding hearts, perhaps, something’s gone amiss, a piece of the dime divine. At other times the extravagance of pulling these artifacts out and placing them on necks, ears and hands feeling the immense pride of possession. Oh! The shackles that we adorn! The “grey” notes are of course not to be flaunted but just counted surreptitiously now and then and quickly stowed away before the intrusion of prying eyes – lest they lust on them in vain (of course!).

On the contrary, a penseive can be placed anywhere even next to the bedside and visited any or several times during the day whenever the heart wishes to.
Many a times not alone, with friends too! No trudging over to the bank wading through busy boulevards.

The pragmatics may question the very utility of the same. As it is to manage the mind with its unending labyrinth of thoughts and memories is a task too mammoth to attain. On top of that a useless bowl to increase the strain? But the fickle memories go wayward, rusty and dusty, weathered and withered by time and sometimes lost too in the meandering alleys of the mind. It happens often, does it not? Whenever we want to recollect some crumb of the remote past? We keep on raking our brain till it bleeds to numbness fast. So, isn’t it safer and better option to have a penseive instead? And as and when we wish to cruise down the memory lanes, just sneak a peak into the vessel’s silvery glow and lo, the memories come alive and transported in time we are revisiting the past, involved, engrossed, engaged and at the same time stands by the detached spectator in us witnessing the unfolding of drama of by-gone follies and frivolities and sometimes, yes, angst and pain.

One such other thing is the room of requirement which is there all the time but invisible to uninterested eyes till we
really require it. When we need, it appears right in front like Jack in a box. Not only that, it appears loaded as per our choice. For example, if you are a bookworm, the room of requirement shall appear with all the paraphernalia of a world class library. Stacks and stacks of books from floor to ceiling, plump and comfy sofas to relax and read; an assortment of table and side lamps and big, round, polished, mahagony, centre tables placed in orderly fashion all around. If you are a gizmo, the room will come loaded with gadgetry extravaganza. And so on and so forth. As soon as you are comfortable in there the door will close to lock you out of the din and the hum-drum of life. Of course, not forever and you can exit out of the room whenever you want. But just imagine the tranquil leisure, (otherwise almost impossible to get, with the door bell ringing, the TV blaring in the next room or other urgency/ priority rudely taking over) pursuing your choice hobby in that as-you-want-it-to-be room of requirement!

Last but not the least is the time turner – a somewhat clock like thing which can be wound/unwound to go back in time and erase and/or amend whatever we want to rectify and start afresh. Of course the time turner comes with a time tag within which we have to finish the modification of the past. If we fail to do the needful the opportunity is lost and gone forever. But that’s reasonable, I think! Such “expensive” packages do come with a certain amount of grim risk. Don’t they? But visualize the
quantum leap! Reloading your past the way you wish to reap!

Though many, as they read will and do scoff at such Hogwartian mumbo jumbo. Many will say what’s the need? Many may rubbish the thought of it as Utopia! Many will enlist the superiority of arrangements that already exist. Many will be scared to go back in time, ruffle their memories and past as well un-timed. Why play God they’ll say though enthralled, but just imagine the blissful fun of it all and oh! How I crave and pray that I may save enough to own

A Penseive !A Room of Requirement! A Time Turner!

What say you, wanna apply for a loan?

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