Monday, 13 September 2010


There was a time when I happened to be the most staunch believer of astrology (western as well as eastern) , palmistry, Linda Goodman, zodiac signs, tarrot card readings, et al and wouldn't even sneeze without looking into my horoscope or calculating my planetary position for the day. Thank God I am over that phase of life, now. But sometimes, things go so haywire that I really feel like orbiting into the solar system and watch over the sun, moon, earth, mars, mercury , in short all the nine, sorry, eight planets, including Rahu and Ketu, in case visible, whether these are behaving okay.Take for example, today, I happened to click on the following sites and the end result - ONE BIG FIASCO :

My Blog - Locked, reason unknown !
Facebook - Guarded by Fortinet (over-active IS snoops) !
G Mail - Somebody's trying to hack it from New York ( Just imagine, somebody finding
my uninteresting self, intriguing) !
Twitter - Temporarily blocked on account of technical snag !

What's this happening ? Whatever I am turning to is crashing down to bits and pieces? Somebody's playing the tricks on me? Or pulling a fast one? Or more importantly, its my electro-magnetic effect? Which one is it? Pray guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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