Monday, 13 September 2010


This is the story of the frail willed, frugal in effort, feeble minded, forever-giving-up types. My question for today is how much time one requires to learn from one’s past and repeated mistake(s). (Mistake repeatedly committed is known as blunder; blunder twice made is known as idiocy; idiocy….lets not go further). It/these can bring forth a drastic change by one instance itself or may take weeks, months, a year or two, nay, perhaps a whole lifetime?

Of course, here, the protagonist of the plot is me and myself – the kachhua of the khargosh and kachhua fame. The only difference being, the kachhua, though slow, was the ultimate winner in the story. In this instant case, kachhua is forever slow in picking up the moral of the story and consequently lags behind, stumbles and falls prey to all the vices under the sun. The mistakes? Countless, out of which a few I enlist below –

Mistake No. 1 - Salivating over junk food – Maggi Noodles being the all time favourite, recent addition to this genre is the yummy pazzta ( I think that’s the spelling), especially, the “cheesy” one.

Mistake No. 2 – When in the market, feet spontaneously turning towards the street food stalls – the mouth watering gol gappas, the chaat pakaudis, the aloo chaats, the tikkis with the red hot/sweet tamarind sauce etc. which the capital is famous for.

Mistake No 3 – Hands automatically stretching towards the spiciest dishes on the buffet table – the chicken butter masalas, the paneer kormas, the dal makhnis, the makhaane ki sabzi etc.

Mistake No. 4 – “Snubbing off “the mobile screaming the exercise alarm in the morning and wandering off to dreamland

Mistake No. 5 – Invariably calling out to the rickshaw wallah to cross-over a “walking” distance.

Mistake No. 6 - Inevitably gorging on second, naah, third and fourth helpings of rice on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and then snoring away to glory.

Mistake No. 7 , 8 , 9, 10……………………….I can go on, pal, this is never ending.

Result ? Do I have to elaborate or the strenuous expression on the emaciated face of the rickshaw puller or the frown on my physician’s forehead says it all!

I know it’s a matter of will power, knowing and doing what’s best for you, listening to the doctorsssss seriously (that’s not one, too many) and indulging in all the right kind of activities (including exercises, yoga, regular walks, change in dietary habits etc.) which one should be doing. If not anything else, listen to Bipasha Basu, yaar! Take to stairs and Sugar – free Gold! Its not that I do not know these things by heart now! Its not that I have not tried out all the possible measures by now! Its not that I do not like soups and salads! I do, seriously. But the problem is I like all food types and of course “the other kind” of food, a wee bit more. One view of how to prepare kakori kababs on Discovery Channel (Imagine Discovery’s also gone foodie!) and all my self control vanishes into thin air. Who said its gluttony? Is it a crime to love the “good things” in life? Nooooooooooo! But all good things have an exorbitant (keeping in mind the inflation) price tag attached to it and I believe, I am paying the price for them. Please do not sermonize me with “where there’s a will, there’s a way” etc. stories. Had I an iota of that “supreme consciousness”, this post would not be happening. Till then, happy munching (toot pado style) Traaalaaaa!

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