Monday, 13 September 2010


I have always had pets around me because my father was an animal lover. I grew up with Julie, a German Duschund and Jill, a Spaniel. When we moved to Delhi, we had Badshah, a German Shepherd mix and Jojo, a Pomeranian. In short, we had the best breed canine as pets at home. It was, therefore, very difficult for us to adjust to Mr. Snow Boots, who was a stray Indian whom we had picked up from the roadside, being inspired by Ms. Maneka Gandhi. He had many mental problems like fear psychosis and a complete distrust for humans including us. He was non-communicative, ill tempered, aggressive with a biting tendency, over excited, hated strangers and did not gel with the family at all. So much so that, at one point of time, we were compelled to think of giving him away to a good canine association who might be able to “manage” him well. The thought made us extremely unhappy and created a lot of tension and dilemma in the household because we had never abandoned our pets before. Our wonderful vet Dr. Chanana told us that Mr. Snow Boots was special and needed extra care as his odd behaviour dated back to his infancy whence he might have been ill-treated by other street dogs or humans. Snow had come to us when he was three months old and we did not have any inkling what had happened to him prior to that. (Notwithstanding, these symptoms can happen to the best breeds as well.)

Then Anxo Care happened to us! It was recommended by our vet. It’s an animal health care product by the well-known Himalaya Drug Company which also manufactures medicines for human beings. Like all its products, this is also Ayurvedic and highly effective. Each tablet contains extracts of Brahmi, Mandukaparni, Ashwagandha, Vishnukrantha, Tagara, Vidanga etc. and such other compounds in measured proportions. It is anxiolytic, mood elevator and behaviour modifier and cures non-specific anxiety, depression, fright and emotional stress due to unfamiliar people, environment, noise, traveling etc. It deals with behavioural problems like aggression, restlessness and hyper-excitability and promotes better receptivity and learning abilities. It is available in tablet form. (Earlier it was available in syrup form as well which has now been discontinued). One bottle contains 60 tablets and can be used for a prolonged period as per vet’s advice and guidance. It does not have any expiry period and therefore, once purchased and preserved properly, can be used for quite a long period. Generally, for small breeds 1-2 tablets twice daily and large breeds 2-3 tablets twice daily is advisable depending upon the condition or symptoms. It can also be given to cats. It is reasonably priced too. The change in behavioural pattern is visible very quickly almost as soon as the dosage begins. Since the tablets are honey coated, dogs love to have them. Otherwise it can also be given in powder form mixed with food or milk. Most importantly, prolonged dosage is not harmful. Being Ayurvedic, the medicine does not have any side effects either.

After a prolonged dosage of Anxo Care, there’s a remarkable change in Snow now. He is docile, friendly, receptive to instructions, communicative and we can now have a “full fledged conversation” with him. He is the sweetest dog we have ever had and mixes with us very well. He is still part of our family which speaks a lot for the product itself. I appeal to all dog owners and lovers who face similar problems with their pets, as I have had, should once again consult your vets about this product and administer it to your pets under, of course, vet’s orders. It is easily available with vets and shops selling canine products.

Please do not think of abandoning your pets because of their behavioural problems. They are special and need your help, patience, sympathy and love.

In the end, just one word of caution: This medicine is not meant for human use.

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